Innovative Hybrid Powertrain for "Vittoria"

"Vittoria" is a concept car able to "match sport feeling and elegance through an unique style". The Powertrain studied to match that concept, adopt a parallel Hybrid Propulsion System with a V8 petrol engine and a 80HP reversible electric motor. Both power sources are connected to the wheels through a driveline that guarantees an high efficient use of the whole power capacity with wide flexibility during the drive.
The combustion engine can be used in a narrow optimized range of speeds in order to obtain low fuel consumption and high torque. It is particularly important the brand new intelligent management of speeds and torques of combustion engine and electric motor to maximize energy recovery during the braking, keeping in the meantime the high level of the performance targets, typical of a sport car like this.
The vehicle can operate in three different modes: Hybrid using both the combustion engin and the electric motor; using the Electric Motor only; or using the Combustion Engine only.
The operating mode can be selected manually by the driver even when the vehicle is still moving, not standing. The advanced software itself will take care to switch from hybrid to electric or combustion mode and vice versa according to the driver's wishes.
The high Energy Recovery capacity during the deceleration phase of this hybrid arrangement is so that a low mission profile electric motor can be designed as well as a small battery pack. Compact electric motor and small batteries are desirable and suitable in sport cars like Victoria. The vehicle speedup performance is maximized by means of the simultaneous availability of power from the fuel engine and the electric motor.
The internal gear ratio of this hybrid arrangement is optimized in order to fulfill the maximum vehicle acceleration targets. Actually, the combustion engine gear ratio and the electric motor gear ratios can be adjusted, from time to time, independently one from the other.
High performances are obtained in acceleration from stand position, as well as at high vehicle speed, in the up hill roads, medium speed circuits, etc. (known also as Kers function).
The weight distribution of the powertrain and batteries is so that the vehicle center of gravity is very low and in between the wheelbase. This peculiar position of the center of gravity is going to improve the comfort, precision, handling and safety of driving. It is extremely easy to drive Victoria since there is no shifting gear lever and no clutch pedal. In fact, the pilot simply needs to accelerate or brake by means of the only two existing pedals. The car will immediately react to the driver’s command, leaving him just the pleasure of sporty driving.
No Energy Dissipating Parts such as clutches, drives, hydraulic couplings, synchronizers, etc. are present in this hybrid driveline. That’s why it is so performing

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